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In the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the charming city of Merida is giving us a taste of the old world. It is filled with regal Spanish colonial structures dating back between the 1600’s and 1700’s, so well-preserved you can actually feel like you stepped out of a time machine. Aside from admiring these buildings, Merida is bursting with fabulous things to do, whether they be accounting to the past or to the present. If you are into traveling to the past, you will surely enjoy touring one or more of these historic spots.

However, if you want to spotlight all regional history in one setting, you can always go to a museum. The enormous white mansion of the Regional Museum of Anthropology is open to public viewing and is highly recommended.
But if you ever get tired of visiting the past, an assortment of new things to do is widely available. A bit of sounds and music is always good to either perk you up or soothe you down. We suggest taking a tour at the city’s parks and plazas. They hold cultural shows every night including serenades and regional dances.

Try out the Merida cuisine and you will never regret it. It bursts with the combination of Mexican, Mayan, and European flavors. There are several highly commendable restaurants to check out and many dishes you just got to have a taste with. Some of these dishes include: poc chuc (grilled pork with chopped onion and tomato sauce), lime soup, relleno negro (turkey in hot and spicy black sauce), and the very popular cochinita pibil (pork marinated in achiote/annato).